Council offer advice on how to clear snow and ice safely

Merstham people can take advice from neighbouring Tandridge District Council who has published simple advice on how to clear snow and ice on pavements and public spaces with minimal risk of legal action if someone slips or falls.

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Merstham councillor launches crossing improvement petition

Merstham ward Councillor Graeme Crome has launched an e-Petition calling on Surrey Country Highways to make urgent improvements to the Bletchingley Road zebra crossing follow safety concerns from many local residents.

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Merstham resident creates online petition for road repairs

Merstham resident Martin King has taken advantage of Surrey County Council’s online ePetition service to call for urgent road repairs on Delabole Road in Merstham.

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Surrey leader pledges one million pounds for roads

Surrey County Council leader Dr Andrew Povey has pledged £1 million towards improving the county’s roads in response to residents’ feedback.
Each of the 11 local committees will be asked how and where the extra money should be spent, enabling residents to influence what improvements are carried out in their communities.

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Graeme Crome calls for Merstham crossing improvements

Merstham councillor is calling for urgent improvements to the Bletchingley Road zebra crossing follow safety concerns from many local residents. Graeme has become increasingly worried about the safety of children and parents who use the zebra crossing on Bletchingley Road to reach Merstham Primary School.

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Roads budget funding for repairs is only papering over the cracks

Surrey Country Council Leader Dr Andrew Povey has described the country wide budget announcement of an extra £100 million funding for road repairs nationally will only allow councils to “paper over the cracks”.
He welcomed the emergency funds, Dr Povey stressed that at least £200 million is needed in Surrey alone to get its roads into a good enough condition.

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Should Merstham follow Torbay’s approach to dog fouling problem

Merstham councillors are asking concerned local residents if the Council should follow Torbay’s controversial campaign for tackling dog fouling in Merstham.
Torbay’s successful but controversial campaign featured a hard-hitting image appearing to show a young child eating dog faeces which they found in a playground, with the headline “Children will put anything in their mouths”.

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Report Potholes using your iPhone and FixMyStreet App

iPhone owners can now download a free application from FixMyStreet that allows them to report road defects from their phone.

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Work begins to replace local streetlights

Work has began to rid Surrey of its night time orange glow and replace it with the clarity of brighter white lights, increasing visibility and making the county’s streets safer for motorists and pedestrians.

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Yellow lines proposed to stop A23 Junction Parking

Reigate & Banstead Local Committee on Monday 1st March will consider recommends to add double yellow lines around the key junctions onto the A23 in Merstham. Current irresponsible parking has lead to a regular number of accidents where drivers pulling out of side roads such as Station Road North have been unable to view on-coming traffic due sight lines being blocked by parked cars.

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