Merstham High Street repaired rather than replaced

IMG_0646[1]Missing Royal British Legion bench has been repaired and restored after it with damaged and condemned as irreparable.

The wooden bench, which is dedicated to the local Royal British Legion, has sat happily next to the flower bed on Merstham High Street for years and was some how damaged in January. After having been inspected by councils officers and being declared as irreparable the damaged bench was about to be removed which local councillor Mark Brunt stepped in.

Cllr Mark Brunt Merstham Councillor
I noticed that the bench had been damaged and reported it to the council. Having been later told that the bench was viewed to be irreparable I decided to look at it closely myself to see what if anything I could do. On closer inspection of the bench I realised that a repair was possible and decided to take on the challenge myself.

After collecting the damaged bench parts for the High Street and following a great deal of head scratching, I managed to rebolt and repair the broken parts and successfully reconstruct the bench. After going the bench a new coat of paint, I reinstalled the bench in it rightful place on the High Street.

I wouldn’t describe myself as much of a handy-man, but I was please that I was able to restore the bench rather then see if go to waste.

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