MP Calls for Residents to be compensated for the stink

LandfillbulldozerMerstham’s MP Crispin Blunt has called for Redhill Landfill operator Biffa to compensate residents for the on-going stink emanating from its site. The call comes as Merstham residents continue to complain about the foul smells around the area, and concern rises around the potential health risks of the escaping gases.

Reigate MP, Crispin called on Biffa to take rapid action to address the odour problems and encouraged the Environment Agency to keep up its checks at the site.

Speaking in Westminster, Crispin said “I am not satisfied with Biffa’s explanation and I have asked the company about measures it intends to take, beyond solving the odour problems, to properly compensate the community for this ongoing, and entirely unacceptable, situation. It is incumbent on Biffa to reinvest in the community which it has affected with these problems.

I have also requested a meeting with the Area Manager of the Environment Agency to discuss its Enforcement Policy, and how it plans to ensure that Biffa meets the terms of its Environmental Permit. I am encouraged that the Environment Agency is working with Public Health England (PHE) to examine any potential health risks associated with the escaping gases.

I also encourage all residents to keep a detailed log of all times they have to endure the smells, and pass these to their local Councillors and the Environment Agency so that an accurate pattern can be drawn of where and when the landfill site is causing unpleasant smells.”

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