200 new Police Constables planned by Surrey Police

PCSO%20and%20NSO%20[Surrey%20Police]Surrey Police is developing new plans to put large numbers of frontline police officers on our streets, focused on tackling vital issues such as anti-social behaviour and organised crime gangs. Planning is currently at a very early stage, but Surrey Police Authority will be asked to agree interim plans on December 10 before more detailed work takes place.

In summary, the plans are:

  • Create up to 200 new police constable posts to improve the service we deliver. There will be more officers working in neighbourhood policing teams tackling anti-social behaviour, and more officers tackling cross border criminality and organised crime groups.
  • There will be a greater range of places to meet neighbourhood policing teams (e.g. from libraries, shopping centres, council offices).
  • We want to locate some of our neighbourhood policing teams within borough and district council offices to ensure a better overall service to the public in tackling local problems.
  • We will be exploring replacing a number of police stations with better ways to access our services. Many of our police stations are old, costly to maintain and not particularly accessible to the vast majority of local communities – borne out by very low numbers of people visiting them. Instead we will provide a range of more accessible ways to meet your neighbourhood policing team.

In order to invest in 200 additional constables we will be reducing the number of senior managers within Surrey Police and replace costly old police buildings with a range of better ways to access our services. It also ensures we are a financially sustainable force essential to ensure the best possible use of public money.

It will take a number of months to make the changes, and we want to work with communities to review the best way of meeting and engaging with neighbourhood policing teams. This is about providing people with an easy way to access policing services; whether it is over the phone, online or within their local community.

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