Merstham Bus Service changes – have your say on proposals


Surrey Country Council are looking for your say on proposed changes to Bus Services in Merstham as part of a review of subsidised bus service across the country. The cost of subsidising the bus service has more than tripled in the last eight years; more than £11 million will be spent to run it this year alone. Surrey’s buses carry over 28 million passengers per year. The aim is to provide a better, fairer bus service for users where it is most needed, whilst delivering maximum value for money for all Surrey taxpayers.


Proposed changes that will effect Merstham Bus services

Service 430 (Merstham – Frenches Road – Redhill – East Surrey Hospital – Mead Vale – Woodhatch)

  • To be withdrawn from Meadvale and St.Johns Park.
  • Diverted between Redhill and Woodhatch via Reigate and South Park.
  • To introduce a new direct service from Merstham and Redhill to Reigate while also increasing the frequency of buses operating between Redhill and Reigate along Reigate Road.
  • Operation through South Park via Park Lane East, Crescent Road, Alexander Road, Prices Lane or Park Lane East, Church Road, Lyndhurst Road, Sandcross La, Hitchings Way, Castle Drive.
  • There is an option to extend the service beyond Woodhatch to East Surrey Hospital to maintain the direct link from Reigate, South Park and Woodhatch.
  • To continue operating every 30 minutes but providing a combined 15 minute frequency between Merstham and Redhill with service 435.
  • Evening and Sunday service to be considered.

Service 435 (Merstham – Nutfield Rd – Watercolour – Redhill – Royal Earlswood Park – East Surrey Hospital – Whitebushes – Woodhatch – South Park – Reigate)

  • Withdrawn between Whitebushes and Reigate.
  • No change to Merstham to Whitebushes section of route.
  • To continue operating every 30 minutes to provide a combined 15 minute frequency between Merstham and Redhill with service 430.
  • Evening and Sunday service to be retained.

Public consultation on these proposed changes will run from November 2009 to January 2010. Any final changes to services will not be introduced until September 2010 at the earliest .

To have you say

Fill in our online survey.

or email your comments to

or attend one of our surgery sessions at:

  • Horley Library –  4 December, 10am – 2pm
  • Redhill Library – 11 December, 10am – 2pm 

or by post to

Bus Review,
Passenger Transport Group,
Room 312, County Hall,
Penrhyn Road,
Kingston KT1 2DY.

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  1. Glyn says:

    I would like to add that if people who read this feel I am correct please email Metrobus and the Surrey County Council to voice your feelings on this matter, also copy in the Surrey Mirror as they can see the extent of the problem.
    My e-petition and another written petition has been submitted to the Surrey County Council and I understand this will now be put before the committee but that only is about the route around Radstock & Delebole being reinstated. So any concerns about relibility of the buses is another matter which desperately needs addressing. Please dont accept the excuse about road works in Reigate as they have only just come into being and the service has been constantly degraded since August.
    Metrobus :- Nick Hill []
    Surrey Mirror:- Madden, Christopher – ESS []
    Counciler :- Zully Grant-Duff []
    Surrey county Coucil :- Joanne Hargreaves []

  2. Glyn says:

    Still no improvement with the 430/435 bus route to date 08/01/2011 . The amount of buses not turning up and/or put ‘OUT OF SERVICE’ has increased 10 fold and it seems timetables have gone out of the window. We are finding it impossible to plan journeys or make bus connections at Redhill as they cannot be relied on anymore. This has only happened since they changed the routes and timtables. We do not blame the bus drivers and actually feel very sorry for them as we see them taking the brunt of complaints after passengers have waited for have either been cancelled or extremily late.
    The people who devised the existing routes cannot see that due to the original Woodhatch buses now going into Reigate makes the timetables impossible to keep. They have come up with every excuse under the sun but will not see that the new routes DO NOT WORK and are too proud to admit it was a mistake and revert back to workable a system.

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