Graeme Crome calls for Merstham crossing improvements

Election 10 pics 007Local Merstham ward councillor Graeme Crome is calling for urgent improvements to the Bletchingley Road zebra crossing follow safety concerns from many local residents.

Graeme has become increasingly worried about the safety of children and parents who use the zebra crossing on Bletchingley Road to reach Merstham Primary School. Many parents have spoken to Graeme about the number of drivers who simply ignore the crossing.

I take and collect children from Merstham Primary School, the crossing has become a real concern for me, I am pleased that Graeme is trying to help
Michelle Hood, Local childminder

Cllr Crome has started talks with Surrey County Council officers to identify highway safety improvements to make this crossing safer.

If you would like to support Graeme’s campaign contact Graeme with your details along with your experience of using this crossing.

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  1. Right, the petition is set up:

    Please ask as many people as possible to log on and sign it, we have 2 months from today.

    Many Thanks


  2. Cllr Graeme Crome says:

    Ok, a quick update. I have put in a request for pigeon proofing for the bridge. The Borough Councils Neighbourhood team now have a good link into Network Rail so I hope to see some progress on this one.
    Work on the crossing itself is proving to be a harder battle, with Surrey County Council strapped for cash. I will continue to work hard on this one and keep the pressure on to get some action.
    Going to start an e-petition on the County Council Website. Will let you all know the link asap. Please encourage as many people possible to sign it.



  3. Gary & Natalie Lehain says:

    I agree with all of the above. I find it staggering that in the 6 years that I have been a resident, that nothing has changed. Added to that, the constant flow of pigeon faeces splatted over the footway and road, it makes for a really unpleasant duck and dodge when walking under the bridge 3 to 4 times a day. Just noticed the missing piece of guttering from above on the bridge laying in the road yesterday, that should be interesting when it rains. Who is responsible for the pigeon pooh? Network rail. Do they realise that our kids are walking that straight into school in the morning?? I will pester them about this. Keep up the good work, it really matters!

  4. Gary Hosie says:

    We use the crossing on a frequent basis, and must concur with fellow residents that the crossing is in the wrong place. Motorists dont stop when you are waiting to cross, and ignore you when you are! Also suggest the pigeons nesting in the bridge are eradicated, as the mess they leave through their droppings is a potential health risk to the general public.

  5. Cllr Graeme Crome says:

    Richard & Natalie,

    Thanks for your comments and experience of the crossing, I will put the option of moving the crossing to the County Council. It maybe (if there is the space) that it could move further along Bletchingley Road away from the bridge and Nutfield Road Junction. I know it was originally moved under the bridge so that the Lollipop lady would not get wet in bad weather.

    • Duncan Gibb says:

      I use this crossing regularly as a pedestrian and every day as a motorist (I hope a courteous one). I think moving it further down Bletchingley Road will increase the number of pedestrians going between School Hill and Nutfield Road who ignore the crossing and walk in the road on the junction.

      Would it instead be possible to upgrade to a full Pelican or Puffin crossing? This could be made visible from a distance by putting the traffic lights (or repeaters) on high poles or even mounting them on the bridge. Advance warning for motorists could also be improved with “Pelican crossing in 100yds” or similar signs on School Hill before the bend, and by extending the zig-zag no-parking zone towards Albury Road.

  6. Richard Emm says:

    Hi Graeme,
    Ultimately it’s a speeding issue. I was stood at this crossing on Saturday with my daughter considering how dangerous this stretch of road is. The majority of cars I witnessed coming down School Hill were moving in excess of 30mph, and once round the corner, do not have much time to see people standing at the crossing. Also, the railway bridge creates a shadow over the crossing making it more difficult to be seen. I do not know what a better solution would be for this crossing, but the current situation seems pretty dangerous.
    Richard Emm

  7. Natalie Wilson says:

    I too have had many near misses on the crossing and it has also been noted that many of the drivers that pay no attention are on mobile phones. On one occasion I was walking down the hill to the crossing from the Nutfield Road end and could see Karen, another parent and their children actually on the crossing when a car just drove through, how no one was hit was shere luck. Moving the crossing to a more suitable place would also help the issue of little space on the otherside of the crossing. When bikes, scooters and prams are using the crossing, the narrow space can lead to a standstill meaning that people are forced to wait on the crossing.

  8. Karen Mulvey says:

    Dear Graeme
    I have to agree with Michael the crossing is in the completely wrong place. It is difficult to be seen from every direction. Drivers often come down School Hill and round the bend at such a speed that they cannot stop in time for the crossing. Vehicles joining School Hill/Bletchingley Road from Nutfield Road are unable to see us waiting to cross.
    I use the crossing 6 times a day with the school run and have had vehicles drive through the crossing whilst I’m actually in the middle of the road crossing!

    • Cllr Graeme Crome says:

      Hello Karen,

      Thank you for your comments about using the crossing. It is good to get this first hand experience from people using the crossing. It will help when talking with the County Council to push for the right solution.

      I will keep you informed of my progress.


  9. Michael Blacker says:

    Dear Graeme

    Good one this. The problem is that it is in the wrong place. You cannot see it as you come down Bletchingley Road, towards the feathers, until it is too late, which it why motorists appear to ignore it


    • Mark Eagle says:

      My family use this crossing as a group at least 4 times a day, it is dangerous, it needs to be moved further down towards Albury Road & parking restricted along there to ensure a clear view for pedestrians & drivers. I am surprised there hasnt been a serious accident on the crossing especially if you are turning right from Nutfield Road as drivers have to accelerate to clear the junction, then they have to be aware of people using the crossing.
      I believe my wife has emailed you today with her views.
      Maybe we need to do something along the lines of the gentleman in Chidehook in Dorset !! extreme but surely effective !!
      If you require any help in drumming up support let me know.
      Mark Eagle
      Albury road

      • Cllr Graeme Crome says:

        Thanks Mark, and thanks to your wife for her e-mail, I have sent her a reply.
        It is great to have the support of so many parents who use this crossing. I am sure we will have to put some pressure on the County Council to get the improvements we urgently need. I will have a look at the Chidehook case.

        All the best


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